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Are you looking for the fastest and best web hosting service providers in Australia? If yes, then you are in the right place. GenicPixels allows businesses to make an online presence through web hosting services where we ensure high-quality websites with extremely remarkable performance.

The Importance Of Website Hosting

Quality Service To The Public

If your website performs well and has a strong hosting provider, it means that you will offer quality service to the public

Your Website Remains Secure

If your website hosting company provides you with HTTPS services, it means your website is secure.

Frequent Website Backups

Website hosting services will frequently save your previous website data and will back up the data.

Better Support

If your website hosting service provider is good, then it will also make sure to give better website support and maintenance services.

Recent Projects

GenicPixels’s team has worked on a number of projects in the areas of web hosting services. Below are some of the recent projects we have done for our clients.

Pricing Table

Affordable Pricing Plan

We have made some awesome pricing plans for our customers. We aim to deliver the finest product at a minimal price!

Our 5 Step Effective Web Hosting Process


Selecting Hosting Type

At first, our team realizes which type of hosting is better for your website for example shared hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, etc.


Choosing A Provider

When our team has chosen a hosting type for your website, then they choose the best hosting providers for your website for the hosting type.


Picking A Plan

Most website hosting providers have one page dedicated to a website hosting plan. At this point, our team selects the most effective plan for your website.


Entering Domain

This is the time when our web hosting team enters the domain of your website while setting up the hosting account.


Choosing A Package

Once everything is done, our team then selects a package for your website hosting. We make sure to choose the best yet cost-effective package for your website.

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