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To run your websites without any difficulties, you are always in need of a website maintainer who can ensure that your website runs well and that your content stays updated. Now, you don't need to worry because GenicPixels not only creates terrific websites but after deployment, the team takes care of them and looks after the errors, bugs, and content of the website so our clients' businesses stay unaffected. We provide website support and maintenance services to ensure great business results for our clients.

The Importance Of Website Maintenance

Your Website Runs Well

If you take care of the websites and hire website maintainers to look after them, your website will run without any errors.

Stay Updated

To make a place in the market, you need to stay updated, and regular website upgradation is necessary.

No Compromise On Security

Website maintenance means website security. To keep your website robust and secure from any attacks, trust GenicPixels to make it possible.

Domain Expiration

If your website is not maintained, your domain may expire and you may end up losing it.

Recent Projects

GenicPixels’s team has worked on a number of projects in the areas of digital marketing services. Below are some of the recent projects we have done for our clients.

Pricing Table

Affordable Pricing Plan

We have made some awesome pricing plans for our customers. We aim to deliver the finest product at a minimal price!

Our 7 Step Effective Web Maintenance Process


Reviewing Analytics

Our team reviews the website’s performance by doing in-depth research through different analytics software.


Backing Up Data

We keep doing constant backups for your website to ensure that your website is secure and easily recoverable.


Updating Plugins

If your website is connected with Plugins, then we also take care of them as we regularly update the plugins.


Reviewing Broken Links

Our team keeps an eye on and reviews all the broken links so the website runs smoothly.


Ensuring Device Compatibility

To check if your website is responsive, our team keeps a check the device compatibilities and the browsers as well.


Speed Test

Our team also makes sure that your website works fast and we constantly carry out speed tests.


Updating The Content

Updating the content is very much important when It comes to website maintenance. Our team makes sure to timely update the content on your website.


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