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If you are looking for a web design and development company in Australia that can create extremely unique yet artistic websites for your business, GenicPixels is at your service. Our web developers are experts at what they do. They can create literally any kind of website that you say. We are good listeners plus excellent creators who can commit to your requirements and present you with what you demand. You can trust us with web design and development services as we are the leading website development company in Australia.

The Importance

Of Web Development!


The website is a solo entity of our business that is always open. Visitors or potential customers can always come and go through your offered services and get the details of your business.

Online Presence

Being listed on the search engine is always helpful in creating an online presence. Most of the customers opt for the company’s services by searching the internet. Yet it is essential for businesses to have an optimized presence on the internet/search engine.

Boost Sales

Through websites, you can sell your business’s products and can boost sales online. Most buyers these days depend on online stores and shop through them.

Information Hub

The website works as an online company profile for your business. It provides every kind of information related to your business. The focus should be on creating a brilliant website for your business in order to attract customers.

Recent Web Development Projects

GenicPixels’s team has worked on a number of projects in the areas of web development and web design. Below are some of the recent projects we have done for our clients.

Pricing Table

Affordable Pricing Plan

We have made some awesome pricing plans for our customers. We aim to deliver the finest product at a minimal price!

Our Design And Development Process


Requirement Gathering

Understanding client’s requirement, business goals, purpose of the platform, and the kind of content needs to be on the website as per the target audience.



Putting together a plan based on the gathered requirement in the first step. Creating a list of pages, a web flow for navigation, understanding the current resources and deciding on what technologies needs to be used.



We create a wireframe as per the plan, and create a mock up with the design team. We make sure the layout and structure are properly worked out with all client’s ideas incorporated as per the requirements.



After the approval of prototype, our developers get to work and make sure the code is according to web standards, functional, and connected to database. All the changes will be done during the development.



Testing include the check of complete functionality of the site, including links, form submissions, and all functionalities are implemented and work in accordance to the requirements.



Once the testing and development is complete, we transfer the files to the live server and do the last checks to make sure all functions are correct, and here your website will be live for your audience to view



If your website requires frequent changes, or if you want to scale your website and add further functionalities, need changes for SEO, we are always here with our doors wide open for you.

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